WHY IT RATES: ALG Vacations is growing to provide better beach vacation experiences, with a greater focus on rejuvenation, wellness, adventure and immersion. – Lacey Pfalz, Associate Editor, TravelPulse

ALG Vacations, a leading North American tour operator, is pleased to announce the official launch of Beach bound. BeachBound joins ALG Vacation’s already widely respected collection of booking sites, including Apple Vacation, CheapCaribbeanand Funjet Holidays. After BeachBound’s soft launch during the pandemic, ALG Vacations has worked diligently to refine product offerings to meet the needs of a changing industry. With its exceptional products and services offering travelers a one-stop-shop for planning the perfect beach getaway, BeachBound is fast becoming a leading name in the travel industry.

“ALG Vacations is known for helping travelers plan unforgettable getaways and together with BeachBound, we will be able to provide a premium product for intrepid travelers looking for a unique beach vacation,” said Michael Lowery, vice president. Executive and General Chairman. Director, Consumer Businesses, ALG Vacations.

BeachBound will seek to deliver a variety of experiences in destinations around the world with an emphasis on vacation values ​​such as adventure, passion, discovery, togetherness, immersion and rejuvenation. Whether the traveler sees the beach as an opportunity to relax mind and body, or a chance to immerse themselves in exhilarating new experiences, the best memories after all aren’t declared at customs – they’re something that will be cherished for years to come.

BeachBound is a uniquely positioned online travel agency that provides consumers with a more targeted shopping experience for beach vacations worldwide,” said Dana Studebaker, Vice President of Marketing, Consumer Brands at ALG Vacations. “When it comes to the relaunch of the brand, excited would be an understatement. We look forward to helping guests nationwide personalize their dream beach getaway and, through our mission, to help create lasting memories because there’s a beach for everyone.

BeachBound is ideal for the guest looking for an organized experience or an all-inclusive beach getaway. In fact, to celebrate the official launch of the brand, BeachBound will be creating a truly all-inclusive package offering a fully planned trip from A to Z to launch this spring. Through BeachBound, customers will be able to choose a trip to more than 70 sunny destinations, from Mexico and the Caribbean to Hawaii and French Polynesia.

Through dedicated partnerships, BeachBound offers exclusive non-stop vacation flights with special fares and early morning departures that maximize their vacation time. Additionally, BeachBound travelers will be able to take advantage of exclusive offers, such as specialized spa and dining packages at partner resorts created specifically for BeachBound travelers. BeachBound’s travel packages will focus on a selection of premium resorts with transportation and excursion service offerings that will give every trip the finishing touch.

THE SOURCE: ALG Vacations press release.


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