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China Airlines Ltd (CAL, 中華航空) and EVA Airways Corp (長榮航空) announced yesterday that they will test the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass, a mobile application that allows people to store and share a verified certification of COVID-19 testing or vaccination.

CAL from August 30 would use IATA’s digital initiative for passengers flying to Taiwan from five airports in North America – Los Angles, Ontario, San Francisco, New York and Vancouver – and from Frankfurt, Germany ; London; and Singapore, it said in a statement.

CAL would consider Travel Pass for more flights after that and IATA would evaluate the trial, the airline said.

Photo courtesy of China Airlines Ltd

EVA Air said in a statement that after four months of discussions with IATA, it is a question of testing the mobile application next month for people flying from Paris to Taiwan.

The Travel Pass should help airlines assess certifications for COVID-19 tests or vaccinations more efficiently and easily than the paper process, the two airlines said.

Before departure, passengers would download the Travel Pass app, which would inform them of the type of COVID-19 test or vaccination required for travel, as well as where they can get tested or vaccinated, the companies said. aerial.

After being tested or vaccinated at a Travel Pass-authorized lab or testing center, the certification would be sent securely to the app for storage, they said.

They would show the certification to the airlines, which would not involve physical contact, the airlines said.

“It is foreseeable that for a long time passengers will be required to have a negative polymerase chain reaction test result and a vaccination certificate before boarding an aircraft, as governments have no intention of relax these restrictions even when borders reopen,” EVA Air said.

Digital tools such as Travel Pass would play an important role in reopening borders, as they reduce physical contact during the data verification process and help airlines avoid misinterpreting data, EVA said.

As governments update travel restrictions amid changes in the COVID-19 situation, digital initiatives would also provide passengers with the latest information and ensure they meet the latest requirements, EVA Air said.

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