Residents planning to travel by plane can now get their safe travel verification, a process that can be done seamlessly, from booking a test to viewing certified results, all within an application.

Selangkah Ventures Sdn Bhd (SVSB) announced that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has authorized its partner clinics and laboratories to issue certified Covid-19 test results that can be used for the IATA Travel Pass program.

IATA previously developed the program that defined global travel requirements and used an app to create a digital passport that displays verified Covid-19 test results or users’ vaccine certificates to show users were following the rules. ‘Entrance.

“IATA has been at the forefront of creating a digital standard for diagnostic reporting across the world, and we are proud to support their efforts to reopen the border securely,” said the director of the information from SVSB, Dr Helmi Zakariah, in a press release.

Using the IATA Travel Pass app, users can locate labs authorized to take a Covid-19 test. The test results will be sent to them directly through the app and will count as verifiable credentials.

The app then compares the user’s results with the IATA Travel Pass record of national entry requirements, and will display an “OK To Travel” status if the user’s test is negative. If the test is positive, the user’s profile will be marked in red with the status “Not OK to travel”.

A spokesperson for the SVSB said the type of test and the length of time allowed between the test and the flight depended on the requirements set by the airline or country they were traveling to, and are listed in the app.

According to them, the users’ test result or their vaccination certificate can be easily shared with the relevant authorities and airlines to facilitate their travel arrangements.

He added that the Travel Pass app complies with personal data law and uses high security to prevent potential tampering with test results.

“While vaccination provides protections for travelers, a negative laboratory test result gives peace of mind to others in the destination country when it comes to crossing the border,” said Dr Helmi.

SVSB currently has 13 IATA-recognized partner clinics in the Klang Valley, which can be identified by a special sticker displayed on their premises.


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